Campus Reacts to Queen’s Death

Compiled by Staff

News traveled fast on Thursday that Queen Elizabeth of England had passed.

The death of the longest-reigning monarch prompted surprise, sadness, and many comments.

Iron Blade reporters and Journalism classes canvased the campus for reaction. The responses are below.


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  • “I’m quite shocked. We knew it was going to happen soon, but I’m in another country–don’t really know what to say. –Lewis Darley, freshman (from England)

  • “I feel the same as Lewis, obviously a bit shocked. She’s been around my whole life, I mean our national anthem is based on her, and it’s going to be quite weird–don’t know what we’re going to be singing now for that. Luckily I’m away from England, so it doesn’t feel so surreal, but soon I know the family back home will be quite affected by that.”–Leo Galpin, junior (from England)

  • “I’ve been thinking about how weird it is going to be to say ‘Long live the King’, because we’ve had her for a queen longer than most people who reference her on a daily basis have been alive.” –Rachel Walton, Interlibrary Loan Coordinator/Technical Services Assistant

  • “I got (to England) just a few months before she would have become the longest-reigning English monarch. They were showing me all the Queen Elizabeth spots. They said, ‘We renamed this Queen Elizabeth Tower. All these plaques on the ground mean Queen Elizabeths’ Diamond Jubilee for her 60th.’ I wish Charles good luck because he isn’t nearly as popular as his mother was.” –Danny Adams, Library Assistant

  • “I don’t know. I was kinda shocked to be honest, because the day before that she was in the hospital, I didn’t even really think she was gonna pass away. It was definitely surprising.” –Denim Johnson, freshman

  • “I had money when I lived in New Zealand that had the Queen on it. I’m going to go home and look at it. It’s sad.” –Sierra Alley, Collection Development and Technical Services Librarian

  • “I thought she was going to outlive me.” –Morgan Loftis, junior

  • “I knew it was gonna happen eventually. I just didn’t think it was gonna happen this soon.” –Marcus Trotman, senior

  • “It is going to be a monumental day in history.” –Jazmin Scarberry, senior

  • “It has not really affected me much, but if is unfortunate for her and her family.” –Jenna Theron, sophomore

  • “It’s remarkable to think she served in that role for 70 years. Think how the world has changed since 1952 when she took over as Queen.” –Kevin Reilly, Vice President of Academic Affairs.

  • Ninety-six years old. Quite a legacy, you know if nothing else, she was a great ambassador for Britain. I’m sad she’s passed away. I didn’t know her. I mean you know it’s odd I find it funny how enamored Americans are with the British royalty. It’s funny to me how they follow them. So I don’t know how I feel, to be honest. I found out, and it was like, ‘Ah it’s a shame, but you know what? She was 96 years old. See I’m kind of a strange guy. I think it’s sadder for someone to get shot you know on a street for nothing. I find that sadder than being sad about the Queen of royalty for 96 years. –Tom Steele, Director of Academic Outreach and Athletics Initiatives

  • “It was very unfortunate. She was a very big role model for the people across the seas, you know. Just very unfortunate.” –Avion Smith, junior

  • “I don’t think we should be surprised, but it was tragic for them, but for us–neutral.” –Dominic Gill, junior

  • “I was sad; that’s about it.” –Kwajay Witcher, senior

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