New and Improved Club Fair Brings Campus Community Together


Photo by Abigail McGovern

Members of the Board Game Club are captured mid-play, demonstrating their skillset.

Abigail McGovern, Staff Writer

Tables of people crowded the grass. Bubbles bounced across the quad, reflecting the sun. Music floated through the air, and people sang along. 

Ferrum hosts a Club Fair every semester with the intention of increasing student engagement within groups and uniting the club community on campus. This semester, the fair was held on Thurs., Sept. 1, and in a break from recent tradition, it was held outside on the quad rather than in the Panther’s Den. 

“We don’t have as many students out here, but I think it’s a nice set up,” said Justin Muse, Director of Student Activities, from the desk at the entrance to the fair where he welcomed students. 

Though the Club Fair, in its new location, did not draw as many students as it had in past semesters, the decision to hold the fair in the quad provided more space for clubs to showcase in innovative and exciting ways they represent . Some of these methods included blasting Disney music, carrying mobile signs, and playing board games, among other ways to catch the eye of passers-by. 

“It’s wonderful to see so many clubs and organizations on campus,” senior Kelsey Smith said.

Smith is involved in many clubs on campus, including Delta Phi Epsilon, Help Save the Next Girl, Student Government Association, and Rotaract. She appreciated the rare chance to see all the clubs interact. Smith even joined two new clubs, Chrysalis and Spectrum. 

The energy of the event affected not only Smith, but other students and those involved with the clubs as well. 

“There’s a really palpable energy this year, particularly with the students, who seem to be really excited about engaging and connecting,” Allison Harl, English Professor, said.

Harl is one of the advisors to the Undead Poets Society, the newly resurrected iteration of the English club. 

“Our club particularly is open to people from all backgrounds, interests, majors, and disciplines. Anyone who is interested in being creative. We have a little bit of everything,” Harl said of the club and its outlook regarding recruitment. 

This welcoming attitude seemed to permeate all of the clubs at the event and did not go unnoticed by attendees. 

“They are very fun and vibrant and welcoming to all,” senior Celeste Burnett said of the club Spectrum. “They were very sweet and made me laugh, and that’s why I joined them.”

Though it is still early in the semester, club leaders and the Student Engagement Center have many events already planned and hope to repeat the energy and engagement of the Club Fair as the school year progresses.