Men’s Tennis Completes Fall Season


Photo by Lindsey M. Foster

Gabriel Álvarez, freshman, plays against Johnson University in his first scrimmage as a Panther.

Lindsey M. Foster, Editor

One last green ball descended to the ground.

The Ferrum College tennis team has concluded its fall season.

They began preparing for next spring with their first off-season match on Sept. 23 against Johnson University.

“I’m excited to be back,” said Rod Baker, Head Tennis Coach. “It’s a new squad, new trials, and tribulations, but a lot of growth.”

In the end, Johnson took the win against Ferrum in the doubles and singles matches.

“We didn’t get the W but everybody played above where we started at the beginning of the season, so it’s all about taking steps forward,” said Baker.

One of the top-ranked players in the scrimmages for the tennis teams was new addition Gabriel Álvarez, freshman.

“He has constant smiles and nothing but positivity,” said Baker. “Being so positive he just fits right in with everybody.”

Álvarez came to Ferrum from Venezuela with three years of experience from his high school, Liceo Los Robles.

“It’s been really nice, all of the team has been super nice to me,” said Álvarez. “They were the first ones to ever talk to me; they have been helping me, and anything I need they will be there.”

This was Álvarez’s first match being on the team, participating in double and single plays.

“I was nervous and a bit anxious, but it’s a feeling you always have before a match,” he said..

His nerves, however, dissolved when he hit the court.

“I wanted to show everyone what I am capable of, so those feelings went away,” said Álvarez. “I’ve been learning how to manage those nerves and thought that I’ll do what I need to do.”

Álvarez joined teammate Will Davis, sophomore, for doubles and ended their match with a loss of 8-0. Singles for Álvarez ended with a loss of 6-2 in the first match and 6-4 in the second match.

“Overall I feel like I played really well and my own game,” said Álvarez. “I don’t feel bad because I really think in the end my opponent just played better than me; that’s fine, I feel great and that’s all that matters.”

Álvarez said he will continue to prepare for the future.

“I feel like it was one of the better matches of my life,” said Álvarez.

After their second match of off-season on Oct. 6, Álvarez won both sets in his singles against Patrick Henry Community College. This made his first win being a part of the tennis team.

“It felt great. It’s always exciting to win,” said Álvarez.

The off-season concluded on Oct. 8 when the tennis team had its last tournament against Mary Baldwin.

Álvarez concluded his first fall season being a part of the Ferrum team by winning the singles championship and winning the doubles championship with teammate partner Kevin Nestor, sophomore.

“It was a great day for Ferrum Tennis,” said Baker.

Ferrum tennis will begin its spring season on Feb. 25 against Johnson & Wales University.