Brett Favre–a Reverse Robin Hood?

Did he take from the poor to give to the rich?

Commentary Cody Gibson, Sports Editor

Why hasn’t the NFL and over all media taken Brett Farve to task for his role in the University of Southern Mississippi.

Favre, former All-Pro, Hall of Fame, and Super Bowl-winning quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, is on the hot seat for having allegedly used Mississippi welfare money to build a volleyball stadium for his daughter in Mississippi.

According to an article in, never-before-seen text messages show former Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant tried to use welfare funds on the construction of a new volleyball stadium for Favre–a project prosecutors have called a scheme to defraud the government.

“Bryant denies any involvement with the project, which has emerged as the centerpiece of a massive criminal scandal in which prominent officials misspent or stole millions in welfare funds intended for the nation’s poorest residents,” the article stated.

I don’t want to rehash the story, I’d rather talk about how low this whole thing is, but background can be found here and here.

The whole thing makes Favre look bad, and if found to be true, he deserves it.

I don’t understand why he needs to take Mississippi’s welfare money and use it for her daughter just so she can get a facility?

He probably has has the money to build it himself, or he could try to get the college to pay for half of it.

Favre said he had no idea that they were taking welfare money, but text messages are now being shown that he has.

According to CBS Sports, this isn’t his first time Favre has done this kind of thing. He apparently tried to persuade Deion Sanders’s son to come to play for Mississippi by saying they are getting an indoor facility. He allegedly told him that if he commits, they’ll build an indoor facility. I get it. You want your kid to feel comfortable and be successful, but taking money from the poor just isn’t it.

It’s a little weird that the media isn’t talking about it, especially the NFL not even mentioning it really. It paints a bad image of the NFL.

Maybe they aren’t making it a story yet because Favre is a big person in the football industry with commercials, being in the Hall of Fame, and being a person that represents the NFL. I’m not really sure what his thought process is. He played for one of the most historic franchises, the Packers.

He’s burning so many relationships by getting into this legal trouble. They are not a bunch of people who like to step on the weak and take stuff from them without them knowing about it, either.

They need to give the money back to those families or do something about it, especially since it’s about $ 77 million that they took from the people.

Mississippi is going to suffer from this. How many people are going to speak up and fight back demanding money? Athletes there might have info and bring it to light about other things. The last thing is they could lose recruits with this scandal going on.

I wouldn’t want people to see me come from a school that takes money from the poor.