BINGO Returns to Panther’s Den

Lindsey M. Foster

Lindsey M. Foster, Editor

Students sat in focus, waiting.

Numbers to be called. Boards to be filled.

Screams of “BINGO” stopped the concentration.

The Student Engagement Team held its first BINGO Night of the spring semester in the Panther’s Den on Jan. 26 with 135 attendees.

Prizes ranged from a snack basket, gift cards, a salt lamp, a mini vacuum, Valentine’s Day items, and more. The two grand prizes players competed to win were a T.V. and a new Nintendo Switch.

“I would be okay with anything if I won,” said Hannah Dix, freshman. “I had fun and enjoyed watching others win and being so close to getting BINGO.”

There were six “BINGO” shouts for one round to win a giant stuffed teddy bear and a 3-pound Hershey’s chocolate bar. To receive the prize, the students had to compete in a dance-off as the tie-breaker. After hearing this news, two stepped down. This left four contenders for the bear and chocolate: Zyon Wilson, junior; Julian Morgan, senior; Jackson Horton junior; and Tripp Creason, freshman.

“It was fun, short, and sweet but the dance-off was a little nerve-wracking because I cannot dance, for real,” Morgan said.

In the end, Horton walked away with the prize and gave it to Sydney Kincaid, senior.

“I thought it was a fun experience, and I was glad to give the gifts for my girlfriend,” Horton said.

If there are any future prizes anyone would want to see at BINGO Nights in the future, message the Office of Student Life on Instagram at ferrumcollege_osl.