Club Fairs Draws Interested Students

Jazmin Scarberry, Staff Writer

Every semester, Ferrum College hosts a club fair for the student body to come out and find groups with similar interests as them. Yesterday, 26 Jan, the event was hosted in the Panther’s Den with more than 15 clubs and organizations. 

Usually in the Fall, the event is held outside on the quad because the weather is warmer, but that is not the case in the Spring semester. Many students were curious about the turnout of the event compared to last semester. 

“This one is always generally a bit smaller just because the amount of students who come out that are already involved,” commented the Director of Student Activities, Justin Muse.

While this may be true, the club fair still offered new assets to those who visited.

“Clubs like the Undead Poets Society– which they were the English Club–they kind of rebranded. The Enviro Club used to be the Wildlife Club. We do have somewhat new clubs, but mostly a rebranding,” said Muse. 

The growth and rebranding of old clubs is a big step for increasing involvement between students and campus life. Many students, new and old, are looking for ways to be active around the school.

Second-semester freshman, Hannah Wray, was on a different side of the club fair than she was last fall. She used the fair as an opportunity in her first semester to find people and a way to be involved on campus.

 “I came to the club fair to represent Theta Chi Epsilon and all the other clubs I am in,” stated Wray.

Wray is heavily involved in recruitment for her fraternity and used the opportunity at her group’s booth to meet prospective members.

“My experience working a booth was super fun. I enjoyed it because I got to talk to people I have never talked to before and tried to interest them in joining OXE,” said Wray.

While her experience at the fair went well, Wray also offered her opinion on what could improve the event.

“I think it could be a little more advertised as to what all clubs and organizations were going to be there. We had some people come up to our booth and not know who we were. I feel like this could have been avoided if there was some sort of list sent out telling people the names of organizations and what they are,” proposed Wray.

The event also offered the opportunity to use a free photo booth that was provided by Student Activities, as well as a painting booth hosted by Kappa Alpha Sigma.

All in all, the Spring club fair provided a wide array of opportunities for students to find a new hobby or a new friend.