Music Department Hosts Evening Concert

Marina J. Powell, Assistant Editor

The Music Department held an event in the Panther’s Den recently, inviting music majors and minors to play pieces for students and faculty.

Performances ranged from Elton John hits, to musical theatre, to folk. Musicians included guitarists, singers, and pianists, as well as a fun jam to close out the night.

Nick Simpkins, junior, frequently takes part in the music department’s events, singing a wide range of songs and styles.

“It was a fantastic performance,” he explained, “I would love to encourage more people to come out and support the variety of talent we have at our disposal. It’s endless with the amazing people in this group.”

The event was organized by Jennifer Ayers-Barnard, Music Professor, who is working on more events to promote the department on campus.

“That’s the whole purpose of this; to get (music students) on stage, preparing a piece… and presenting it with (their) interpretation,” she said.

While moving to the Panther’s Den allowed a different feel for the concert, the decision has been made to hold the next concert in the Grousebeck atrium.

Ayers said that while the Panther’s Den allowed for a larger audience, the acoustical difference was pronounced due to the carpet and the open space of the room.

“Thing is, acoustics is a big thing with small group instrumentation like we have,” she concluded.

The Music Department will continue to hold performances throughout the semester. Dates for March and April will be released soon.