Softball Looks Forward


Photo courtesy of the Athletic Department

Senior pitcher Lyndsey Sears stares down a batter from the pitching circle.

Cody Gibson

Softball season is already in full swing, and the women’s team is hitting the ground with a 7-5 record. On top of the season starting, the Panthers have a new facility to bring in more people and give them more places to sit.

This year we have completed new additions to the field, which makes it very special. This includes a new press box, locker room, bathrooms, concessions, and bleachers. It really looks great,” said Gerald Culler Head Coach of the softball team.

Teams go into the season with some type of expectations of what the team will do, and the Panthers are no different.

We have high expectations for this year’s team with many upper-class men and some freshmen making important contributions,” said Culler.

No team is the same from the previous season. Something changes, whether it’s players coming and going or coaching changes. 

“Compared to other teams in the last few years, this one is different because the team gets along on the field and off the field. The whole team bonds so well together and has great chemistry. We enjoy playing with each other and that’s very important,” said Skyler Swaney, senior pitcher.

Regardless of the sport, teams will always have a rival, whether it’s a non-conference game or a conference game. It brings out more competition compared to other games.

“Our team’s biggest rival has been Roanoke College in years past, but after last year, I think the team can collectively agree that Virginia Wesleyan University is now our rival. We swept them last year when they were the defending national champions. Now, I think that they have it out to beat us with a chip on their shoulder just as much as we want to beat them,” said Swaney.

Teams have something that separates them from other teams, whether it be a good outfield or good batting team, but the Panthers are a little different in that aspect.

“We are not necessarily a team that stands out in one aspect. We all work hard to mesh well so that some people’s strengths are other weaknesses and vice versa. When we have a spark in our hitting lineup, that can be one of our greatest strengths because we tend to feed off each other,” said Lyndsey Sears, senior pitcher/infielder.