Karaoke–No Boos, Just Booze

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Marina J. Powell, Assistant Editor

Saturday’s karaoke was the first of these events to feature alcohol sales for those with proper ID. The response? A packed house.

Every chair was full in the Panthers Den, and sign-ups began immediately. Students participated, socialized, and had fun, all while keeping the atmosphere happy and upbeat.

“Karaoke was definitely a great turnout. Hopefully more opportunities happen in the future. For me, the drinks were a good option for those who wanted to enjoy a weekend event,” said Nick Simpkins, sophomore.

Drink sales during the event were a never-before-seen feature, and the response was positive.

For Mirta Martin, interim president, the decision to sell alcohol is something to help students drink responsibly and have fun without having to travel to different locations.

“When I arrived at the College, discussions were already underway regarding the sale of alcohol on campus,” Martin said. “I often speak about ‘making better decisions each day’ –decisions concerning your health,  your relationships, your studies, and about alcohol consumption. I have seen among college students how the irresponsible consumption of alcohol has tragically taken, endangered, and ruined lives. Personally, I made the choice not to drink alcohol.  However, I realize that if you’re 21 years old and wish to drink, you’re going to go somewhere and drink.”

She continued:

“This reality leaves us with a choice – do we want our students on the road, where they may drink and then drive; potentially hurting themselves and/or others, or do we provide supervised,  on-campus events where appropriate-age individuals can responsibly consume alcohol without having to drive?” she said.

Martin’s trust in the students’ ability to be responsible proved well-placed.

“It went amazing. We had 168 students that came. I heard lots of great reviews from students, its definitely something that they would like to do again. The students were very respectful, they listened, even with the alcohol that we sold, the students carried themselves in a very well manner. And so it actually was a great event,” says Jill Adams, Dean of Campus Life and Title IX Coordinator.

Adams said that due to the excellent response, she plans to have similar events where students 21 or older can buy drinks. Karaoke will be planned for next semester, and it’s also possible that legal alcohol sales may happen at other weekend events, as appropriate.

Overall, karaoke was a positive experience that students said they enjoyed and took seriously. It is highly likely that this response will lead to other privileges on campus and more opportunities for weekend events.