Autumn Blossoms in the Spring

Senior soft-baller plans to go into nursing


Taylor Huck

Autumn Overfelt, senior, knocks the ball into the outfield.

Cody Gibson

Autumn Overfelt, senior, outfielder for the softball panthers is graduating early this year. 

I’m from Moneta, Virginia. I went to Staunton River high school,” said Overfelt.

College students are setting up their future, and Overfelt is taking the same path but earlier.

“I chose to graduate early because I got my associates during high school, so I was able to go ahead and graduate early,” said Overfelt.

It can be hard to take the next step forward because people start to miss certain things.

“I will miss being at Ferrum another year, but it is best for my career and future,” she said.

People’s major is what sets them up for the goal they want to achieve and Overfelt is doing the same thing.

“I am majoring in nursing. My life goal would be to make a difference in the lives of the patients I care for and to be there to support my family,” said Overfelt.

Overfelt loves Ferrum for the feeling of being close to home and the community at the college.

“I came to Ferrum because I really enjoyed the environment from my first visit. Everyone was very welcoming. I also loved the location and area, as it is close to home,” said Overfelt.

Everyone has hobbies and interests to pass time at college or in life in general, and Overfelt is the same way.

“I enjoy spending time with my family and being outside taking care of all my animals,” she said. 

Hard work pays off and Overfelt has had some setbacks but Culler has taken notice of it.

“She has worked hard to overcome injuries her first two years to become a starter as a junior.  She is a nursing major and has had to shuffle her schedule around clinicals, practices, and games,” said Gerald Culler the head coach for the softball team.

Speed kills is a saying that is used in sports. Some players have a second gear to be the fastest, and Overfelt has that, Culler said.

“Autumn is one of the fastest players on the team and is still trying to perfect her sliding skills,” said Culler.

Skyler Swaney, senior, a teammate and friend of Overfelt’s has taken notice of what she means to the team.

“Autumn is a role model. She is a good friend and keeps things straight. She looks after people and helps them through hard times on the field and off,” said Swaney.

Teams create special bonds between the ups and downs throughout the season, and it creates memories for each other.

“Autumn and I have had every single class together for the last two years. Through those years, I’ve learned a lot about her. One of the best memories I have of her was when she hurt her arm, still played softball, and would come to class with her arm spazzing out. She was in a lot of pain, but pushed through it,” said Swaney.


Career Stats: AVG:233, GP:31, GS:15, AB:30, R:7, RBI:3,