Foster Leaves a Legacy

Iron Blade editor takes the next step in her journey


File photo

Lindsey M. Foster is graduating after serving as editor for two years.

Marina J. Powell, Assistant Editor

“A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult,” said Melinda Gates, philanthropist.

This semester, The Iron Blade staff says a fond farewell to a powerful voice—Editor-in-Chief Lindsey M. Foster.

“If it weren’t for Lindsey, there may not be an Iron Blade. During Covid, there were only two people on staff–Lindsey and one other young lady. They worked tirelessly to ensure that a paper was still published,” says Dave Campbell, Assistant Professor of English and Journalism, “It’s that kind of dedication that has not only carried Lindsey through college, but also allowed her to make great contributions to The Iron Blade and campus as a whole. Our campus and our publication are both better off for Lindsey having been here.”

The Iron Blade staff is incredibly grateful for Lindsey’s leadership and positivity throughout the past years. She is known for putting in overtime hours to ensure the success of the publication, and regularly attends events to represent the Iron Blade and collect quotes and photos.

“I’ve been so impressed with The Iron Blade’s growth in the past several years. Everyone in the community benefits from good reporting in the campus newspaper. I’ve enjoyed working with Lindsey this spring on her thorough coverage of performing arts events. She does a great job gathering perspectives from a wide variety of community members for her articles,” says Tina Hanlon, Professor of English.

Foster has served on the Iron Blade Staff for all four years of her time at Ferrum, and is also a member of Delta Phi Epsilon, Help Save the Next Girl, and the National Honors Society. She is majoring in Media and Communication with a minor in Spanish and Journalism and has demonstrated both academic and personal excellence during her time as an undergraduate.

“Lindsey has made great strides in her growth and development over the years here at Ferrum College. She’s been able to make concise decisions about her future and where she’d like to be after leaving Ferrum,” says Ahmad Hayat, Assistant Professor of Media and Communication, “Lindsey is an exceptional student, always focused and ready for classroom activities and learning. She is a hard worker, usually ready to take on the challenges of completing assignments and meeting deadlines, which will serve her well in a deadline-driven environment that is typical of the working dynamics of the media industry. With her friendly personality and excitement for helping other classmates and students, Lindsey will truly be missed here at Ferrum.”

Her academic record stands out from among her peers.

“Lindsey is smart, kind, funny and special.  Given who she is, it is understandable that she won three awards at the Academic Awards ceremony this year,” says Dave Wiggins, Lindsey’s success coach, “It has been a joy getting to know her.  She will be missed next year but I know that she will do well wherever she goes. She is one of those exceptional students who will make an important difference in this world.”

Lindsey’s kindness, work ethic, and sunny personality will be missed as she moves forward into the next stages of her career. No matter where she goes, her impact will be remembered by The Iron Blade and Ferrum College.