PRO/CON: Pro–The U.S. Should Be Supporting Israel

Many people stand divided over the recent break-out war in Israel.
Many people stand divided over the recent break-out war in Israel.
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Support for Israel can be drawn from the fact that, economically, it is one of the U.S.’s top trading partners and among the few major non-NATO allies designated by the United States.

During the initial attack that lit the fuse of this era of the long-standing conflict, Palestinian forces targeted and killed civilians–of both Israel and the United States. Israel serves as one of our closest allies, meaning showing support to their side of the fight makes the most sense for the United States.

Nearly $50 billion is traded through goods and services with Israel on a yearly basis. It is also the strongest tie we currently have in the Middle East. Comparatively, the trade between Palestinians and the U.S. is only valued at $11.3 million.

Supporting Israel stands better economically, as well. On the world stage, Israel is a stronger ally than Palestine due to a much larger military created by our backing.

The United States was also the first country to recognize Israel as an independent state and does not recognize the State of Palestine as an independent country. Currently, the U.S. does not have any standing diplomatic offices in the Palestinian territories.

The U.S. gives billions in financial aid each year to Israel, creating a much larger stake in them as a country and giving more reason to support them during this conflict.

Israel has such a large hand in international affairs due to the circumstance of their nation, created as a place for the Jewish community after its heavy persecution during the second World War and the Holocaust.

The U.S. is one of the nations that sanctioned Israel’s creation and continues to support and push it toward prosperity. Meanwhile, Palestine is not even seen as an independent state in the eyes of the U.S., due to the lack of a stable unified government and the power of the designated terror group Hamas.

While it is not the majority party within Palestine, Hamas still holds as one of the two major political parties, and its extremist ideologies do not align with the ideals of the United States.

Due to this massive political instability, as well as the economic benefits of supporting Israel, it makes the most sense for the American nation to stand behind Israel in this fight as we have in the past. The Hamas attack that began this conflict also took the lives of Americans.

It is the duty of the U.S. to stand by its allies in times of struggle as well as to defend its own people. We should stand behind Israel.

America stands as one of the strongest nations in the world. Holding one of the largest militaries and greatest economies, we stand as a pivotal asset to any allies and a terrifying force to our enemies.

Israel is still a rather new nation within the eyes of the rest of the world, meaning that despite this conflict being rooted much further back than its founding, we must do our due diligence to maintain the order that we have created within the world and keep our greatest ally in the Middle East protected and prospering.

Israel was created as a safe haven for its people after the devastating events that they have been through, and when we supported their creation, we chose to stand and protect that safe haven.

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