Block Party Kicks off Homecoming


Photo by Cody Gibson

Several Panthers play cornhole during Homecoming week.

Cody Gibson, Sports Editor

A Block Party kicked off homecoming week with food, games, bull riding, and the homecoming court.

Jill Adams Dean of Campus Life and title XI coordinator and her staff put the event together to get the Panther Nation connected with each other more.

“My staff and I will be working every day, and it can be very stressful for us, we send out emails, and post on Instagram to let the students know,” Adams said.

This is the first true homecoming the college has had for two years. Covid did a number on all activities.

“The Block Party is almost like a pep rally with the cheerleaders doing a cheer, games, and the homecoming court being announced,” said Adams.

Luke Morgan, junior, came with his friend Jesse Fox, junior, to enjoy the food and play some cornhole with each other. 

“I came here because I’m one of the people on the staff that puts these events together ,and for me, my favorite part is probably cornhole–just a nice way to chill through the evening while hanging with friends,” said Morgan.

Fox said he had a similar enjoyable experience. 

“The food was pretty good. The BBQ chicken was the best. I wasn’t expecting it to be that good. But my favorite event is watching people trying to ride the bull. I’m not doing it, though, I gonna sit back and watch,” said Fox.

Darin James, junior, showed up a little bit later to the party but still met up with Morgan and Fox and played some cornhole.

“I got here a little late. I was doing some work but still got to eat the food that was here. The favorite thing for me was the same as Fox’s–just watching people attempting to ride the bull, especially (Justin) Muse (Director of Student Activities),” said James.

Adams said there has been issue with these types of events–getting the word out.

“What came across my desk this morning was that students didn’t know this event was even a thing. We try sending them emails about it, but they don’t check it. We make Instagram posts for it. We are trying to bring Ferrum College together to make it more of a village,” said Adams