To-Go or not To-Go

Aladdin announces new food container program


Photo by Refentse Maselwa

A new eco-friendly To-Go container with a To-Go cup is being introduced by Aladdin Food Services.

Refentse Maselwa, Staff Writer

Here is the QR code to purchase the To-Go containers.

You wake up feeling suspiciously well rested, only to check the time and shoot up in panic, realizing you have 15 minutes to get ready before class starts. Today is your busiest day, and you usually wake up early so you can at least eat breakfast because you know you won’t have time to eat before your busy day.

You look at the clock again. You sigh.

You just missed breakfast, and you don’t know when you are going to have the opportunity to eat.

Well, you are in luck because going to Franklin Dining hall has just became more convenient for early risers, late risers, quarantined students, and for those who just don’t want to go to sit in the cafeteria. Aladdin Campus Food Services is now selling reusable To-Go boxes.

“I really like the new To-Go containers. I feel like they are an upgrade from last year, because first and foremost they are bigger to begin with, which is really helpful since you aren’t really allowed to get seconds,” Gage Shelton, sophomore, explained, “and saving a lot of waste with the Styrofoam.”

Covid has really opened way to innovations many did not know were needed pre-covid.  During covid there was a lot of paper/plastic/Styrofoam being used for to-go meals. It shined a spotlight on the need for a sustainable to-go program.

“I would often walk across campus and see the trash cans filled with the one-use containers,” Levi Briggs, Food Service Director, said.

More than just alleviating the one-use problem, the containers also help working students who do not get the luxury of sitting in the cafeteria to eat.

“Honestly I think the To-Go boxes are awesome. Between me working both at the coffee shop and the training room, it allows me to just grab something at 7:30 instead of rushing to eat,” Harley Steger, senior, said.

Last year, about 50% of the patrons took advantage of the to-go program. Currently, only 40 people are on the to-go program, but the numbers are growing.

Dining services said it would love to see at least 50% of the student population participating, as well as 50% of the faculty and staff. The containers are sturdy, but in the case that they somehow become damaged, dining services will take that container out of circulation.

Every time anyone with the to-go would like to take food, they return a rinsed-out container and reusable cup and are given a clean one to take into the dining hall.

“If the patron loses their container or cup, they do need to pay to replace the lost item,” Briggs confirmed. “Just as a side note, the actual cost of the containers and cup combined are approximately $15.00, and for people to join, it is only costing the $10.00. This program is not about making money, it is about reducing waste. The college and Aladdin both agree that sustainability is extremely important.”