Jazmene On The Rise

Freshman wrestler has been described as a ‘phenom’


Photo by Taylor Huck

Jazmene Molina, freshman, grabs a competitor leg for a pin.

By Refentse Maselwa, Staff Writer

The write-ups have been glowing.

“Freshman sensation Jazmene Molina finished 4-1 on the day with three pins and a tech fall, placing second in the 130-pound weight class. Molina’s pins were over Emory & Henry’s Dafne Aguilar, Presbyterian’s Sierra Marie Miller and Apprentice’s Sydnie Durham. Her pin over Durham was marked at 26 seconds,” writes the Athletic Department.

Molina, a psychology major, is a freshman from San Bernardino, CA, who dominates her weight class. Molina made an impulse decision to start wrestling during her freshman year of high school and has not looked back. After college, she plans on going into forensic psychiatry.

“It is like the bridge between law and mental health, and I want to do it especially in the court system,” Molina said of her discipline.

Her teammates say she is a kind and spirited person who is passionate about everything she does. She puts in the work and is encouraging to her teammates. Molina is a bit quiet and reserved, but one thing is for sure: She lets her hard work speak for her. On top of all the duals she has won, she even placed 5th in the Eagle madness open.

“Jaz is an amazing competitor. She has natural talent and this competitive drive that gives her the edge over many other wrestlers,” Jordan Wilson, freshman teammate, says, “Jaz is a wonderful teammate. She’s very animated and always smiling, even when we’re all dog tired. She’s supportive and always motivating others before their matches.”

Molina got hit with an unexpected injury during practice recently. She tore her ACL and is awaiting surgery soon. She is slated to fly back to LA today for surgery and rehab.

“Oh my gosh it was the most basic move,” she says. “I tried defending a shot, and I just heard a pop pop, and now I have to get surgery for it. I hope I can get back to it soon, ” expresses Molina.