‘T-Scales’ plays both football and Lacrosse for the Panthers


Photo by Cody Gibson

Terrance ‘T-Scales’ Scales, passes the ball in a game against Brevard College.

Cody Gibson, Sports Editor

Athletes are plentiful here.

But dual athletes? Not so much.

Terrance Scales, junior, who goes by “T-Scales”, plays cornerback in football and midfielder in lacrosse for the Panthers.

“The most important part is rest and the recovery as in ice bath, stretching, and things outside of just getting stronger and faster,” Scales says. 

Being a student-athlete takes time, and balancing it is important–especially with a second sport added.  Keeping that GPA up is important to be eligible to play.

“I think the best way mentally is not to let yourself get overwhelmed and always have the confidence to get it done,” Scales says. 

Many athletes have some type of spirituality or religion they follow to help them stay focused.

“I’m blessed to be a Christian, giving myself daily faith and motivation to get through the day, because sometimes I have essays, papers, practices, and lifts, which can get overwhelming,” Scales says.

Scales also mentions that he schedules his time to avoid getting overwhelmed.

“Planning out my days is the most important–part just keeping my day together,” Scales says.

 With the LAX season starting up players start to look out at what it’ll be like and the emotion of the game.

“I’m very excited for it. We got a different team and different coach, as well. We’re just having fun. This is the most fun I’ve had in the past two or three years playing lacrosse,” Scales says.

Being a senior can help the team–by sharing their experiences and teaching the younger players how to approach everything.

“I’m really trying to get the guys to enjoy every day and drive to get better,” Scales says.

Scales did leave Ferrum for a while, but after some time, he has come back to campus.

“Mentally I knew I wanted to mature, and I was very determined to get my degree, which I still am,” Scales said.

Scales says something happened to him.

“Really, I had a lot of very close people to me pass, and I really had an eye-opening experience when I lost those close people to me. It made me want to drive to get better to become a better man and strive for my goals,” Scales said.

Playing two different sports could cause some athletes to have different mentalities, whether it be a teammate one or a mentality to score every goal. 

“From a teammate aspect, personally, I try to have the same mindset of being the best teammate to help us win and grind to be the best because I think it’s the recipe for success,” Scales says. 

One of Scale’s teammates Seth Burleson, freshman, that also is a dual athlete who plays football and lacrosse is inspired by him.

“He helps me push when not feeling it, and he’ll say, ‘Come on bruh! Let’s get it I know how’re feeling I’m going through the same thing,'” Burleson says.

Every team is different, but most have the same mindset–to win. The Panthers football and lacrosse team are no different.

“In a sense, our football and lacrosse (have) the same goals and morals in mind–(the idea) of ‘BAM’ and becoming a man, because that’s what we preach in football. I’m going to keep preaching that to the lacrosse team,” Scales says. 

Denon Wilson, junior, has taken notice of Scale’s work ethic and how he goes about himself.

“It’s pretty tough I’d imagine, you know being a dual athlete.  Seeing him do it is impressive. It shows his heart and the fight he has,” Wilson said.