Men’s Tennis Takes Home ‘L’


Photo By Taylor Huck

Nico Roth, senior, warms up on the courts.

Jazmin Scarberry

The Panthers men’s tennis team fell to Guilford College last weekend in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference. The final score was 9-0 at McMichael Courts, with the Quakers winning.

Towards the beginning, Guilford got an early lead by swinging wins in the three doubles matches with scores of 8-2, 8-0, and 8,0. Following this, the Quakers grabbed six straight-set victories in the singles matches to finish the league match.

In the singles matches, Gabriel Alvarez, freshman, Kevin Nester, sophomore, Will Davis, sophomore, Hunter Hooper, sophomore, and Ryon Johnson, junior, all lost both sets 6-0. While Nico Roth, senior, fell to his opponent at 6-1.

In the doubles matches, Alvlarlez and Nester lost 8-2. Davis and his partner, Roth, ended with a loss of 8-0. The last set was followed with the same score by Hooper and Johnson also with a loss to the Quakers.

The Panthers will be back on their home court this Fri., March 3,  against Mary Baldwin University. The event will begin at 4:00 pm and is a non-conference match.