Faculty Athletic Mentor (FAM) Program to Continue This Year


Photo courtesy of the Athletic Department

Coaches, players, and faculty members line up for a Faculty Athletic Mentor (FAM) photo on Panther Field following the kickball game last Friday.

Faculty Athletic Mentors Lana Whited, English Professor, front row second from left; and Dave Campbell, front row, far right; take time for a photo with Coaches Erin Saleeby, back row left; and Wes Lewis, back row right; and the Women’s Soccer Team. (Photo by Benton Heck)

The college recently announced the continuation of the Faculty-Athletic Mentor Program (FAM), which began during the 2022 spring sports season. This mentorship program aims to bring faculty and athletic teams together to provide additional mentorship for our student-athletes and individual athletic programs.

“The FAM program is an exciting and unique opportunity, whose benefits will be enjoyed in multiple arenas,” stated Katie Goff, Associate Professor of Biology and Program Coordinator of Pre-Professional Health Sciences. “This initiative will foster a sense of community and support among  faculty, student-athletes, and the athletic department, while providing an opportunity for faculty to experience the student development and fun that takes place through involvement in athletics. We will show the campus community, whether athletes or not, that Ferrum College is a place where they belong and that walks together ‘Forged As One’.”

In joining these groups together, the FAM initiative works toward the belief that the student-athlete experience is critical to the success of our institution. The success of our student-athletes, in turn, adds value to their contributions within our campus community, which will benefit all.

The FAM Program directly supports the college’s institutional motto of Not Self But Others, as well as Ferrum’s strategic plan for students to Enter with Promise, Leave with Purpose.

“I truly believe the FAM program will make a huge impact on our campus,” said Head Football Coach Cleive Adams. “Ferrum College has always been a true campus community. As we emerge from the COVID era, we are granted the opportunity to get back to our roots by rolling out a new program that will benefit our entire campus community in a huge way!”

Ultimately, according to officials, the desired outcome of the FAM initiative is to create a functional bridge and partnership between athletics and faculty that will provide another level of accountability, professional development, and an appreciation of scholarship, competition and community that is unmatched within our region.

“The continuation of this partnership is extremely important as we continue to find creative ways to enhance the experience for our student-athletes,” stated Director of Athletics John Sutyak. “I am extremely thankful for Dr. Goff and (football) Coach Cleive Adams for continuing to be leaders on this initiative as we move our community together ‘Forged As One’.”


Head Coach



Ryan Brittle

Delia Heck & Tim Durham

Men’s Basketball

Patrick Corrigan

Karen Carpenter

Women’s Basketball

Bryan Harvey

Johanna Ferguson

Men & Women’s Cross Country

Mark White

Abby Jamison


Katelyn Moore

Martha Haley-Bowling


Cleive Adams

Katie Goff


Margaret Cornwell

Nancy Brubaker

Field Hockey

Chardonnay Hope

Rebecca Crocker

Men & Women’s Golf

Tanner Brooks

Andy Shome

Men’s Lacrosse

Interim Zach Louie

Tim Daniels

Men’s Lacrosse

Matt Cureton

Michael Hancock-Parmer

Women’s Soccer

Erin Saleeby

Lana Whited & Dave Campbell


Gerald Culler

Sadie Wallace

Men and Women’s Swimming

Margerat Bisnett

Todd Fredrickson

Men and Women’s Tennis

Rod Baker

Dana Ghioca-Robrect

Men & Women’s Track & Field

Mark White

Abby Jamison


Shelbylynn Adair

Sadie Wallace

Men’s Wrestling

Logan Miester

Jason Powell

Women’s Wrestling

Connor Lepresi

Jason Powell