Miller ‘Pitch’es in on Soccer Team

Freshman makes on-field contributions


Photo courtesy of the Athletic Department

Freshman Sydney Miller, 8, breaks away from a North Carolina Wesleyan defender en route to a 3-0 Panther victory.

Cody Gibson, Sports Editor

Freshman Sydney Miller who is a criminal justice major from Springfield, VA, hit a shot to extend the lead versus EMU on Sept. 10 with the final score being 4-2.

“It was exciting, seeing all the hard work from practice and extra touches,” said Miller

There are many different positions on the soccer field, and while some players only play one, Miller is a different story.

“I play center forward, but I’m a versatile player who is comfortable and can play wherever they need me to be,” she said.

The transition from high school to college can be challenging for some, dealing with time management, school work, and daily life. 

“Adjusting to my schedule and finding when I have time to do homework and relax (are difficult),” Miller said.

She also talked about the culture of the team and the aspects that are most appealing to her.

“The environment and the support from everyone on the soccer team,” she said. “We care about each other and all the friendships we have with each other.”

And while Miller enjoys those relationships, she also enjoys scoring goals, and she said it was exciting to see her hard work pay off.  

Her teammates say they see how hard she works.  Jamie Adams, sophomore, plays the same position as Miller.

“She puts in a lot of extra work with me. We go and do film and extra practices as the forwards,” said Adams. 

Trusting teammates is always an important part of sports. And Adams said she and Miller have that kind of connection.

“She’s a good teammate. I feel like I can always rely on her to have my back on the field,” said Adams. 

Allison Setlak, senior midfielder for the Panthers, said she has seen Miller’s hard work, and effort, and how hard she fights for her teammates. 

“She does whatever she can to make the team better, puts in a lot of work, and she puts in for extra touches and watches film multiple times during the week,” said Setlak.  

Through the course of 10 games, Miller has 29 shots on goal with 2 goals made, along with two assists.