Quad Talk: Gabriel Álvarez

Cody Gibson, Sports Editor

Two minutes, 25 questions while walking the Quad

Name: Gabriel Álvarez

Major: Psychology  

Year in school: Freshman 

Hometown: Merck Venezuela 

Hobbies: Playing piano and playing video games

Favorite Food: Salmon

Favorite Quote: Be yourself no matter what others say

Favorite Movie: Big Hero 6 

Life Goal: Be a sports psychologist  

#1 Song on Playlist: “Save Your Tears” 

Favorite Drink at Panther Grounds: The mocachino     

Favorite Social Media: Youtube 

Favorite Color: Orange 

If you had to listen to one artist for the rest of your life who would it be: Freddie Mercury 

Dream Place to Live: California

Sweet or Savory:  Sweet

Dream Car: Ferrari  

Wheels or Doors: Wheels

Would You Skydive:  Yeah

Describe yourself in three words: Open-minded, Extrovert, and Conversational 

Early Bird or Night Owl: Night Owl 

Biggest Role Model: Chris Hemsworth      

What Super Power Do You Wish You Had: Being invisible 

Best Thing About Ferrum: The people